List of Area Legislators

US Senate                        
Dick Durbin (D)  
Tammy Duckworth (D)  
US House of Representatives  
Delia Ramirez (D) 3rd District  
Jesus "Chuy" Garcia                      4th District  
Sean Casten (D)
6th District  
Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) 8th District  
Bill Foster ( D) 11th District  
State of Illinois Senate

Kimberly Lightford  (D)                 4th District   
Laura Ellman (D) 21st District  
Suzy Glowiak Hilton  (D) 23rd District  
Seth Lewis (R) 24th District    
Karina Villa (D) 25th District  
Laura Murphy ( D) 28th District  
Don DeWitte (R)                            33rd District
Don Harmon (D)
39th District  
John Curran (R) 41st District  
Linda Holmes (D) 42nd District  
Rachel Ventura (D) 43rd District    
State of Illinois House of Representatives  
Janet Yang Rohr ( D) 41st District  
Terra Costa Howard (D)                42th District         
Jenn Ladisch-Douglass (D) 45th District  
Diane Blair-Sherlock (D)    46th District      
Amy Grant ( R) 47th District  
Jennifer Sanalitro (R) 48th District  
Maura Hirschauer (D) 49th District  
Barbara Hernadez (D)                   50th District
Michelle Mussman (D)
56th District  
Dan Ugaste (R)                              65th District
Norma Hernandez (D)
77th District
Anne Stava-Murray (D) 81st District    
Open               82nd District    
Stephanie Kifowit (D) 84th District  
Dagmara Avelar (D) 85th District

Scope of Practice

Every legislative session brings renewed efforts to grant greater practice privileges to allied health providers. Allowing non-physician health practitioners to expand their scope of practice through legislation rather than through education and training is not good public policy for improving access to quality care. A well-run clinical team requires successful coordination among physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Physician Payment Issues

Elimination of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula in 2015 was a giant leap forward for Medicare reform. The law paves the way for important payment reforms – including the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) that is under development and is intended to streamline the various reporting programs for physicians. Shaping the MIPS so that it fixes the problems of the current system and is beneficial for both physicians and patients is now at the heart of Medicare reform efforts.
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